Nowadays, Tarot is a 78-part deck of cards, often used for fortune-telling, self-discovery or analysis. From a historical point of view it used to be a regular card game up to the 18th century. The development of the motifs of the so-called "Tarot de Marseille" began in the 16th century in the harbor town of Marseilles, south of France. This deck is the basis for all subsequent published Tarot decks. It probably circulated around 1500 A.D. Today they are the most widely-spread and therefore the most important Tarot cards worldwide.

An interpretation of the Tarot arises from the understanding of deep symbolism, which can be found in the pictures. Quite illuminating is the metamorphosis of the cards through the epochs.

The inspiration for this site came through the couple Hart, who are both enthusiasts of the Tarot. When Frau Hart had painted 78 picture motifs for tarot cards with acrylic on canvas, I was asked to produce the cards. I was fascinated by the topic very soon – at the latest when the question about an app was also discussed.